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RSS Post Importer Does Exactly what its Name Suggests: Import Full RSS Posts


This WordPress RSS Aggregation plugin is capable of fetching Full Posts with Images from truncated Feeds.


Featured images are set automatically in the backend, no need for you to fiddle around.


Insanely Powerful Keywords and RegEx based filters to curate the content you import.

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WordPress RSS Post Importer Unique Features

Insanely Fast & Reliable

This WordPress RSS Feed Content Syndication, Aggregation and Curation Plugin is insanely Reliable & Fast.

Insanely Easy to use

You will be good to go in 5 minutes or less, that's how easy to use the RSS Post Importer WordPress Autoblogging Plugin is.


RSS Post Importer makes content syndication and Automatic Images featuring a Breeze. It just works !

Follows SEO Best Practices

Content is KING . You need to make sure your content follows the Best SEO Practices, this plugin does a great SEO Job.

Multiple Category & Tags

Create and assign multiple categories and tags to your imported post for a better organization on the fly. It can't get easier !

Supports Multiple Authors

Want to allow other authors to set their own stream of articles and take credit for it ? RSS Post Importer does it for you.

  • I'm a webmaster and I handle more than 10 websites throughout the day. This plugin has helped me in a lot of ways of keeping my RSS feed up and running.

    Usama Arshad - Digital Marketing Enthusiast and WP Wrangler
  • Tried a couple of different RSS to post plugins, and this was the only one that was both simple and functional. Great job!

    Pär Thernström- Web developer/Web Consultant at Earth People
  • This tool provides exactly the functionality you ask for. I've tested a lot but this one stands out for its simplicity and ease of use.

    Bart The Man- WordPress Consultant

Put your Blog on Autopilot with the Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugin

RSS Post Importer is the Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugin and it allows you to automatically imports the entire Full Text RSS Feed (even if the source feed is truncated) into your WordPress blog , allowing you to post the entire article on your site if you want. This means you're providing your readers with relevant content on a daily, weekly, or even hourly basis, depending on the type of blog you're running.

This Content Syndication Plugin is extremely easy to use and all you need to do is to install it, activate it, and provide the RSS Feeds you need to import in the corresponding feed area along with the Full RSS Key if you need full post and the source feeds are truncated, then choose some basic setups or simply leave the default post template parameters as they are. Choose your import frequency , choose the appropriate author for the feed source and select to no-follow all outbound links, click the save and import or save button and it's all done. RSS Post importer will take it from here and do all the work for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Automated Featured images by Default.
  • Fetch Full Text Articles from truncated Feeds.
  • Keywords & RegEx Based Filters and Curation.
  • Define the number of Words for your Excerpt.
  • Append no-follow to all outbound links for SEO.



  • Up to 100 Feeds Sources
  • Unlimited Premium Features
  • Only for 1 Mini Blog
  • Perfect for Mini Autobloggers
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Risk-Free 14 Days Free Trial
  • Unlimited Support Requests / tickets
  • Personal Onboarding Support
  • Personal 1 on 1 training



  • Up to 1000 Feeds Sources
  • Unlimited Premium Features
  • For up to 10 Professional Blogs
  • Perfect for Content Strategists, SEO and Pro-Bloggers
  • Risk-Free 14 Days Free Trial
  • Email, Skype & Chat Support
  • Unlimited Support Requests / tickets
  • Personal Onboarding Support
  • Personal 1 on 1 training



  • Unlimited Feeds Sources
  • Unlimited Premium Features
  • For up to 100 Professional Blogs & Websites
  • Perfect for Power Pro-Bloggers & Agencies
  • Risk-Free 14 Days Free Trial
  • Email, Skype, Voice & Chat Support
  • Unlimited Support Requests / tickets
  • Personal Onboarding Support from CEO or CTO
  • Personal 1 on 1 training
  • SEO Pack & Ebook (coming soon)
  • Unlimited Support

Content Syndication for Wordpress with RSS Post Importer Plugin

RSS Post Importer is The Best WordPress Content syndication Plugin to import, syndicate, aggregate, curate and publish wordpress post from other websites into your own blog for your readers. It is very easy to use & will help you put your blog on Autopilot.

Content Parameter {$content}

The content parameter is used to populate the article content into a blog webpage , this is the content of your post.

Excerpt Parameter {$excerpt:n}

The excerpt parameter allows you to populate the article content with full control of their lenght via the parameter n , with n=number.

Link Parameter {$feed_link}

The backlink parameter will allow you to add a link back to the original article source and give credit to the content source or origin.

RSS Post Importer Short Webinar WordPress Plugin

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up and use the most powerfull RSS Content Syndication WordPress Plugin: RSS Post Importer . This plugin helps users import and curate full text rss content ...

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